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Acne and Surgical Scars

If you have scars left behind by acne or surgery that you’ve been wanting to get rid of, Gentle Touch MediSpa & Wellness has a solution for you. Laser scar removal produces excellent results with no discomfort or downtime. As a result, people will notice your smoother and more beautiful skin, not your scars!

What to Expect

Laser scar removal lessens the appearance of surgical and acne scars with just a few simple treatments and little to no downtime. Light from the laser precisely targets the affected skin areas, and the scar tissue is eliminated through the body’s natural process of renewal. The body creates new, healthy tissue to replace the areas of affected tissue, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin.

The entire acne or surgical scar removal process usually takes less than half an hour, though multiple treatments may be required depending upon the number of acne or surgical scars that require treatment. This treatment is very safe and results in minimal discomfort during the procedure. Most of our clients are able to return to their normal activities immediately afterward.

The most common side effects of acne and surgical scar treatment are mild redness and swelling, but these usually subside quickly.

Before & After

Client Reviews

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    I went to Gentle Touch to see if I could get treatment of a scar on my face. I am an African American and have been told by other places that it would not work on my skin, but Lorriel was willing to take a look and give it a try and I must say I am absolutely elated with the results! I cannot wait to return for my next session in 6 weeks. Let me also add I used to work at a very high end salon/spa in NYC and the staff and the atmosphere at Gentle Touch is top notch and I highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed.*
    – Kathy P., Orlando

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    What a pleasant and relaxing place! Everyone is so courteous and friendly, especially Lorriel. They made me feel welcome right away. I got the treatment I asked for and no one tried to sell or convince me to do anything else. I will certainly recommend this place and plan to continue visiting it often.*
    – Rebecca C., Ocoee

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    I always have a wonderful visit each time I come in for a service. I have been having laser done for acne scars and I am really happy with the results. Lorriel has been fantastic and I truly enjoy seeing all the staff members on each visit.*
    – Catherine W., Groveland

*Individual treatment results may vary.


If you’ve been bothered by the appearance of old acne or surgical scars, laser treatment can help remove them, making you feel more confident and more beautiful.

The laser treatment usually takes less than 30 minutes. Depending upon the size and scope of your acne or surgical scars, multiple treatments are often needed for the best results.

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