Sculptra® Aesthetic

Sculptra Aesthetic by the experts at Gentle Touch is a unique injectable treatment that helps restore your skin’s collagen structure for a more youthful looking appearance.

What to Expect

Sculptra Aesthetic rejuvenates your skin for a more refined, nuanced look.  As we age, we all eventually experience wrinkles, lines and skin laxity because of bone loss, fat distribution and collagen breakdown.

  • Bone loss leads to a decline in structural support causing our cheeks to recede creating a sunken look.
  • Fat is lost or redistributed causing our skin to sag.
  • Age inducing loss of collagen weakens the skins structure causing lines and wrinkles to appear.

Sculptra Aesthetic helps treat the underlying cause of aging – the loss of collagen.  It provides firm supportive structure to replace bone loss, replaces volume in areas where fat is lost and rebuilds collagen to help restore skins youthful volume at any age.

Sculptra is injected
into the skin

Sculptra injected into the skin

New collagen is built
and volume is restored

Sculptra builds new collagen

Sculptra dissolves,
but collagen remains

Sculptra dissolves, but collagen remains


The full treatment includes an average of three injection sessions over a few months. With each session, the active ingredient (poly-L-lactic acid) is injected in the skin which replaces lost collagen and also encourages natural collagen production for gradual, long-lasting, natural-looking results that last up to two years. It subtly and gradually adds volume that lifts the soft tissues and plumps the skin from within

  • Restores Facial Volume and Provides Support to the skin to improve the look of smiles lines, marionette lines, vertical wrinkles in front of the ears and lower cheeks and chin wrinkles.
  • Provides Gradual and Natural-Looking Results that become visible over a period of a few months.
  • Long-Lasting – lasts more than two years.

Treatments with Sculptra are safe and well tolerated with 90% of Real Self users who tried Sculptra said that it was worth the investment.

Sculptra Before & After

Client Reviews

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    Lorriel has done it again!!! Her expertise and "Gentle Touch" left me with no sign that I even had anything done except great results. She is amazing! So good in fact that 3 of my friends have made appointments and a fourth is about to. I love this place!!! Everyone there is GREAT!!*
    – Kimberly A., Ocoee

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    Lorriel is the only person I trust with my face! Not only is she extremely knowledgable and skilled, she is also honest...even if what would be better for you is far less expensive. One thing I really appreciate about her is that she doesn't point out all (or any) of your flaws like so many other aestheticians do. I really love Gentle Touch's ambience and their staff. They are very professional and very accommodating.*
    – Amy C., Winter Garden

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    As always, my experience at Gentle Touch MediSpa & Wellness was a most pleasant one. I have complete confidence in Loriel. The entire staff is extremely helpful, well informed and a pleasure to deal with. The Spa is an oasis in an otherwise hectic day!*
    – Heddy F., Winter Garden

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    Lorriel and her staff do a wonderful job at Gentle Touch. Lorriel listens to your concerns and makes conservative recommendations that give a look of "refresh", not overdone. The spa is a beautiful, relaxing setting that helps calm the nerves when you're a scaredy-cat like me.Awesome staff.*
    – Anon W., Ocoee

*Individual treatment results may vary.

Sculptra FAQ's

Once injected Sculptra Aesthetic begins working with your body deep within the dermis layer of skin to help stimulate your skin’s own natural collagen production over time, helping to reinforce skin’s inner structure and increase facial volume that has been lost due to aging.

On average, a series of three treatment sessions over the course of a few months may be needed. The number of injections at each session will vary, depending on the degree of correction needed and the treatment plan determined by our your Nurse Practitioner.

Sculptra Aesthetic is made from ply-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a biodegradable substance that has been proven safe and has been used in medical products, including dissolvable sutures, for more than 30 years.

Dermal fillers are composed of Hyaluronic Acid which your body naturally makes and when properly injected provide an immediate beautiful improvement.  This is different than Sculptra, which results in a gradual improvement from the production of the body’s own natural collagen and elastin. The average filler may last up to 1 year, whereas Sculptra lasts up to 2 years or longer.

One is not better than the other.  For best results, our expert injectors will determine which treatment is best for you which could include a combination of Sculptra and a dermal filler for volume improvement and contouring.

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